Latest edge computing publications

New research uncovers edge computing challenges and highlights strategies for future proofing edge capabilities

Responses from more than 1,000 global IT professionals and decision-makers reveal drivers of edge computing deployments, challenges, and solutions for maintaining resilience, connectivity and supporting digital first connected operations, that... Read More

Edge Computing after Covid-19

The shift to edge computing solutions is a business must and will continue to be as organisations initiate post-Covid recovery strategies. Read More

The final frontier? How to overcome the age-old remote office IT headache

In many businesses, from retailers and chain restaurants, to health services and government offices, it is the local remote branch which is the prime client interaction point and where the... Read More

Enabling AI with edge computing and HCI

There is a constant stream of innovation happening in storage technology, and the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market is leading the way. According to this report, the HCI market is expected... Read More

Infographic: What is hyperconvered infrastructure?

If you're struggling to contend with disparate IT architectures, you’re not alone  Varying proportions of private, public and hybrid cloud consumption are becoming the norm for enterprises, which creates a... Read More

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