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4G connectivity could take drones beyond operators’ line of sight

Qualcomm and AT&T have established a partnership to test mobile networks, aiming to prove that they are capable of supporting corporate drone systems. The two companies are attempting to convince regulators that UAVs should be considered as genuine delivery methods, beyond simple stunts and demonstrations. The two network experts hope to show that commercial 4G… Read More

Amateur drone operators on wrong side of geo-fence

An amateur operator in Silicon Valley reported that he lost control of his drone which then crashed into the water near Redwood City, CA shortly after he was told by a security guard to stop flying over the new Apple campus, currently under construction. Duncan Sinfield, the drone operator, has a YouTube channel with over 6000… Read More

U.S. government releases drone best practices

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has released a document outlining privacy best practices for commercial and non-commercial drone use. The agency, along with stakeholders from drone companies and drone operators including Amazon, Google X, and others, compiled a list of voluntary best practices intended to protect the privacy of the public at large… Read More

Catapult experiment shows drone collision danger

In an experiment at the Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab, scientists have created a motorized catapult with a high-speed camera, to record what happens when a small hobby drone collides with a person or object. The experiment shows the dangers that even small drones may pose to people or property by changing speed and force… Read More

Laser system set to revolutionise future aircraft, satellite data links

A revolutionary new laser system, dubbed HYPERION, promises to improve the transmission of data from aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and low orbiting satellites to ground stations. The optical system, developed by a team of Innovate UK researchers, has been designed to send critical information more securely, rapidly and efficiently than traditional radio frequency (RF) methods. The… Read More