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Uber hires NASA engineer to help develop unmanned flying taxis

Uber has hired former NASA engineer Mark Moore to join its team of flying car developers at Uber Elevate. Moore, who worked at NASA as an advanced aircraft engineer, penned a 2010 paper titled NASA Puffin Electric Tailsitter VTOL Concept, which sparked current interest around helicopter-style vehicles. The engineer is to assume the position of… Read More

$10M data centre for drones to be built in North Dakota

Grand Sky, a 217-acre business and aviation park devoted entirely to drones, has signed a deal with EdgeData LLC to construct a 16,000 square-foot data center worth $10M USD. The data center will be located onsite at Grand Sky, which is on the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. Construction is scheduled to… Read More

CAA emails show Amazon drones active since 2015

A newly released chain of emails between the CAA and Amazon reveals that Prime Air drones have been active in the UK for a year longer than previously thought. In response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, the Civil Aviation Authority released email communications between the CAA and Amazon related to drone… Read More

First ever drone pizza delivery takes place in New Zealand

Perhaps it’s one giant step for dronekind, or perhaps it’s a depressingly banal statement on what we now consider ‘technological progress’ after the glory decades of the space race; but for some reason drone-delivered pizza has entered cultural consciousness as a kind of milestone for UAVs in modern culture. On Wednesday this milestone was passed… Read More

UK government wants prisons geoblocked by drone manufacturers

The UK Ministry of Justice, in an attempt to address growing concerns with the prevalence of illegal drone activities at prisons, is working with drone manufacturers to include prison coordinates in pre-programmed no-fly zones. A report on Prison Safety and Reform presented to Parliament includes a section addressing the growing threat that drones present to the… Read More