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Amazon patents house-scanning drone

Amazon has had a patent approved for a drone that can scan a business or residence while making a delivery, in order to create personalized recommendations based on what is found. The patent, called Trigger Agents in Video Stream from Drones, allows an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to be configured to record audio or video data… Read More

Drone navigation possible in GPS-free environment using Google Maps

A team of researchers from the National University in Singapore created a framework to navigate drones in a GPS-denied environment using Google Maps. The team was able to use Google Maps to create geo-referenced navigation for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a flight where GPS is unavailable to the drone pilot. The issue with tracking… Read More

DARPA launches program to combat suicide drones

DARPA has launched a new program to combat the threat of suicide drones, which can be loaded with explosives and deployed without the use of radio signals. The Mobile Force Protection (MFP) Program will begin Phase 1 development and testing this spring. The aim of the program is to develop a system capable of defeating a… Read More

UK police force recruiting 24-hour drone unit to fight crime

Police in the south-west of England are set to launch a new drone unit this summer which aims to help tackle crime – an initiative which could soon be mirrored across the UK. Amid warnings of a national shortage of detectives, Devon and Cornwall Police hope that the 24-hour team will support police officers during… Read More

‘Drone bees’ could help pollinate crops as natural population declines

Swarms of bio-inspired drones could be called upon to help fertilise wildflowers and crops, as the natural bee population teeters onto the list of endangered species. Around 70% of global crops rely on cross-pollination by bees and other insects. But climate change and a rise in pesticides among other factors have led to an alarming decline in… Read More