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Technology that mimics falcon attack developed to take down illegal drones

Technology is being developed to attack rogue drones just like a peregrine falcon hunts down its prey. The move comes following major disruptions at UK airports and is part of a £2 million bid to avoid a repeat of the chaos caused by the gadgets at airports. Radar, electro magnets and artificial intelligence (AI) are also among the inventions being tested out to find ways to “detect, disrupt and defeat” hostile, malicious and illegal uses of drones.

John Lewis to stop selling drones after airport chaos

Drone sightings at Gatwick in December caused around 1,000 flights to be cancelled or diverted over 36 hours, affecting more than 140,000 passengers in the run-up to Christmas.

Drones the transport of choice for Aircraft seats manufacturer’s production line

Collins Aerospace transports spare parts from its storage centre a couple of fields away using drones when it would take too long to travel by road One of the world’s leading aircraft seats manufacturers is using drones to keep its production line running. Collins Aerospace transports spare parts from its storage centre a couple of… Read More

Icelandic ecommerce marketplace rolls out large-scale drone delivery

Iceland’s largest ecommerce marketplace, aha.is, has announced 13 new drone delivery routes In Reykjavik. The addition of the new routes will result in automated delivery for commercial products over half the city. Aha.is began drone deliveries over a year ago, partnering with Israeli firm Flytrex on one route through central Reykjavik. The initial route was… Read More

Swarm intelligence key to successful operation of drones, says study

Using swarm intelligence may be a way to combat many of the challenges faced by drone operators, both in business and by governments, according to a group of academics. Researchers from British and French universities have written a paper noting how drones can now add value to these organisations due to low cost and mobilisation… Read More