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Handling the complexity of containers – a chance for software defined networking to shine?

With the rise of Docker and its open source approach to containers an old concept has gained a new momentum and Chris Swan believes it could also push SDN into new areas and even push IPv6 adoption. The concept of virtualisation at the operating system level – or containers – is not a new thing…. Read More

Docker commitment to open governance gets community thumbs-up

The move to create a board to help ensure the Docker container project stays true to its open ideals has been welcomed by major industry players. Docker, Inc, the commercial operation behind the eponymous open source project, said the Open Governance Advisory Board was “a next step towards a full open governance model”. Docker is… Read More

If you’re not winning, try to change the game

While the major cloud providers fight for market share on price, some smaller providers are thinking differently about how they charge and how they support customers writes Paul Miller  Amazon, Google and Microsoft have attracted a lot of the cloud attention of late, largely because of the sweeping price cuts they’ve all announced. For smaller… Read More

Why Java might be knocked off its pedestal as the enterprise language of choice by 2016

Chris Mills is the CTO EMEA of Pivotal, which offers solutions that intersect cloud, big data and agile development. Here Chris discusses the long road from process isolation to Dockers, and why Microsoft’s recent announcements may change the enterprise landscape in the next twelve months… Containers have become somewhat of a buzz word of late…. Read More