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Samsung brings the transparent display closer in Korea

Today, Samsung unveiled the first commercial installation of its cutting-edge mirror display at an upscale hair salon in Seoul, South Korea. The 55-inch display units act as a mirror while playing media over the mirrored image. Effectively, however, the display represents a (90%) transparent layer over an underlying mirror, and is among the early retail-led… Read More

Apple looks to introduce OLED displays in iPhone models from 2018

Apple is expected to integrate organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology in its iPhone handsets from 2018, according to Japanese reports. The Cupertino-based giant will jump from liquid crystal display (LCD), which has been used in iPhones since 2007, to OLED – turning to suppliers like LG Displays. The South Korean firm is already planning… Read More

Breakthrough in wearable LED displays heralds IoT feedback

Researchers in Holland have announced a revolutionary wearable LED display which they claim opens up the possibility for IoT devices such as medical monitors and health trackers to emerge from their GUI-less opacity and provide real-time visual feedback in the context of the wearer – as well as offering new possibilities for in-car displays. The… Read More