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Disaster recovery: Can we prepare our IT systems for incidents like the Holborn Fire?

Jules Taplin wonders how ready most companies are to re-establish business in the wake of a disaster as uncompromising and unavoidable as the fire near Holborn underground station which caused internet outages across London on April 1st… In one of the most densely packed locations of the UK a fire broke out underground on 1 April,… Read More

IBM reveals massive new data centre dedicated to Business Continuity

IBM has unveiled a formidable new data centre at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The new facility has been operational since July, and already has its initial client, the mobile banking and transactions company Monitise. The edifice measures out at 4mn square feet, making it among the largest industrial spaces in the world, and is dedicated… Read More

Testing your disaster recovery – why we keep harping on about it

Disaster recovery is a complex process and one in five recoveries fail because the solution has not been properly tested. But, Jules Taplin has a plan. If you’ve invested in a disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity, you may have a level of reassurance that you’ve done all you can to mitigate the risk… Read More

IT disaster recovery provision – don’t make a crisis out of a disaster

Jules Taplin has a long experience of dealing with users over their IT disaster recovery provision. What’s his answer to the common question of should I do my own or give it to my IT service provider? In a word: ‘Neither’. On both counts. If you’re serious about a disaster recover (DR) provision that will… Read More

The five most common attitudes towards disaster recovery – and most are incredible

There is a wide range of attitudes to risk when it comes to protecting IT systems and data according to some new research. Jules Taplin examines the different categories and finds that most are just not credible positions My day job is all about disaster recovery (DR), so I spend a lot of my time… Read More