Latest disaster publications

Global banks could save $15 billion from cloud adoption by 2019

Research undertaken by IDC Financial Insights on behalf of Reuters indicates that the worldwide banking industry is among the sectors most likely to benefit in significant financial terms by embracing... Read More

Earthquake computer model promises to reduce deaths, damage

A new computer model which can simulate the entire chain of events triggered by offshore earthquakes signals an important step in reducing deaths and damage to property in the event... Read More

Lightning wipes storage disks at Google data centre

A lightning storm in Belgium last Thursday hit Google’s St Ghislain data centre causing power loss and damage to disk storage, leaving some customers without access to data. The facility was... Read More

Tianjin blasts took down Tencent data centre and local tech operations

Explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin last week reportedly took down a considerable portion of tech businesses, including internet giant Tencent’s local data centre. The blast, originating at a chemical... Read More

1 in 2 companies risk losing data centre operations to natural disasters

Half of all companies are operating data centre infrastructure which is not prepared for natural disasters, recent research commissioned by Zenium Technology Partners has revealed. The findings outlined in the... Read More

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