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7 things businesses get wrong about disaster recovery

By Joseph George, Vice President, Product Management, Sungard Availability Services Major data losses can cripple a business. According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, 73 percent of companies worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. Reported losses from a disaster ranged from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars with nearly 20 percent… Read More

De-fragmenting disaster recovery

Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO at data protection and governance specialist Druva, explains the importance of the public cloud in improving recovery, backup and archiving… Keeping a business running is one of the biggest challenges that both IT and business teams face. However, the pace of change around IT is causing problems for each team… Read More

When disaster strikes – looking beyond just tech

Len Padilla, VP of Product Strategy at NTT Communications writes that while we can’t always control large-scale disasters, we can work to ensure continuity and recovery for businesses… A number of recent disruptions affecting organisations have highlighted the necessity of a business continuity plan (BCP) and being prepared for every eventuality. Last summer we saw tube… Read More

‘Holy Grail of hot availability’, Atlantis debuts stretched cluster solution

Mountain View-based Atlantis, software-defined-storage (SDS) specialists, today announced that it will combine a new stretched cluster feature with its all-Flash, hyper-converged USX platform – promising to slash business continuity costs in half. We spoke to Atlantis CMO Bob Davis at VMworld Europe 2015 and asked him about the new business continuity offering, integrating it with… Read More

What should I really be looking for in a disaster recovery solution?

Jules Taplin has a long experience of dealing with users over their IT disaster recovery provision. Here he suggests important elements to consider when looking at DR solutions… For smaller companies, without the technical expertise on the subject, sourcing a suitable disaster recovery solution can be a mind-blowing task. It is no longer about ticking boxes… Read More