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The state of blockchain in the UK, with Digital Catapult’s Robert Learney

Digital Catapult is one of the most important organisations in the UK when it comes to emerging technologies. Cut loose from marketing, influencer and sales hype, the government agency equips UK businesses with tools and knowledge to become early adopters of transformational technologies. And with their help, forward-thinking UK businesses can receive grants to fund the next generation of game-changing tech projects.

A technology that both inspires and confuses businesses in equal measure is blockchain — which is technically not one technology but a suite of technologies comprising distributed databases, cryptography and automated contracts. 

What is the state of the UK blockchain industry?

A new report from Digital Catapult has shed some desperately-needed light on the scale and success of the UK blockchain industry Gauging the success of the UK blockchain industry has been fiendishly difficult amid the bluff and bluster of technologists and the seemingly inexorable capitulation of its cryptocurrency poster boy Bitcoin. But on the basis of… Read More