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Six essential skills IoT developers need

Oliver Horn, senior solutions architect at Red Hat, lists six skills that all developers need to make it in the world of IoT Ability to work in a team/listen and cooperate IoT requires a very broad set of skills, ranging from electronics for sensors, actors and SOCs, to wireless transmission, field bus protocols, messaging and… Read More

Amazon seeks developers as new cloud project launches

Amazon is looking for software development engineers to join a new team in San Diego to work on Supply Chain Optimization Technology. The new staff will work with automated predictive systems which estimate the distribution of products to Amazon’s warehouses. The jobs have been posted on the official website this month. The company is seeking… Read More

Developers teaching AI to drive using mobile phones

Programmers around the world are training artificial intelligence (AI) to control driverless cars directly from their smartphones. Mighty AI, a data-training firm specialising in autonomous cars, uses both a website and app to allow users to log in and give AI driving lessons and share the findings. Currently, Mighty AI has nearly 200,000 creative AI… Read More

Microsoft open sources Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino

Microsoft has released its Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino as a new open source tool. Microsoft, which has the biggest contributor community on GitHub, has launched the MIT-licensed code across the open source platform to enable developers to leverage Arduino hardware specifically for IoT projects and applications. ‘Our team at Visual Studio IoT Tooling,… Read More

Google introduces Istio service mesh for cloud

Google, in conjunction with IBM and Lyft, has introduced a new open-source infrastructure service mesh called Istio. Istio provides users with a uniform means of managing and monitoring microservices. It can be deployed using Kubernetes container systems, on-premises, or with any cloud system. With Istio, developers have a service mesh that provides automatic load balancing,… Read More