Latest data sovereignty publications

Accenture launches Sovereign Cloud to support innovation

With cloud only becoming a more attractive proposition for enterprises across the world, this move by Accenture comes at an opportune time. As some companies who want to embrace cloud may be hesitant due to issues around data regulations across Europe, the Sovereign Cloud solution can go a long way in eliminating these concerns.

AWS opens London region for UK data centre clients

Amazon Web Services, which already has over 100,000 customers in the UK taking advantage of its global infrastructure, has finally created a distinct UK presence with the opening of the AWS Europe (London) Region. The new high availability region comprises two distinct geographic locations, known as Availability Zones, each complying with the United Kingdom’s Cyber… Read More

Data governance concerns bring Microsoft services into UK data centres

Microsoft has begun a roll-out of its cloud services from data centres in the UK, bringing to an end the former requirement for its customers to accept that their data be hosted in Ireland or Amsterdam in order to qualify for EU residency. In the light of this summer’s political events, there is some irony… Read More

Collateral Damage in the Cloud: The Jurisdictional War over Personal Data

Richard Beaumont is the Privacy Services Manager for Governor Technology, a leading data privacy services provider offering bespoke software solutions, products and consultancy to companies looking to understand and manage data privacy compliance and best practice. Here he reviews the consequences of current contentions over data sovereignty in Europe, America and beyond… It may already… Read More

Microsoft’s anti-surveillance site hacked by casino spammers

The ‘Digital Constitution’ website that Microsoft established in Ireland to fight the U.S. government on issues of data sovereignty has been hacked by what appear to be non-political spammers looking to direct traffic to casino sites, who filled the front page with hyperlinks to gambling sites. At the time of writing all search results from… Read More