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The Unstoppable Rise of Snowflake

In the almost seven years since Snowflake publicly launched, this software firm has changed the status quo in its industry and skillfully competed with long-standing incumbents.

Oracle refreshes cloud data warehouse to improve self-service data science

Oracle has announced a raft of updates to Autonomous Data Warehouse, the cloud data warehouse it launched in 2018.

The updates are designed to make tasks such as data loading, cleansing, business modeling, and machine learning, less technical and performable by data analysts and business users without the need of IT support

Ensuring the ‘C’ in GRC: How to Keep Cloud BI in Order

Information always needs to be properly captured, stored, preserved, and disclosed when required. This issue is exacerbated further in the case of cloud storage, where business records are located outside the company’s perimeter.

Informatica extends serverless cloud data management platform to NVIDIA GPUs

Cloud data management company Informatica has announced the integration of its Spark-based Cloud Data Integration engine with NVIDIA graphical processing units (GPUs).

2021: A Data Odyssey

Is your company ready for the new era of AI and ML-empowered data management? It’s time to strap in, says TIBCO’s Bob Eve.