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Cyber attack group with links to Russia attacking western energy sector, says Symantec

The western energy sector is being targeted by a sophisticated attack group with links to Russia, according to a Symantec report. The Californian security giant has pointed to a resurgence in attacks on the energy industry in Europe and North America, which it links to the re-emergence of cyber espionage group Dragonfly. The initial Dragonfly… Read More

Up to six million Instagram accounts affected by data breach

Up to six million Instagram users may have had their email addresses and phone numbers made public following a data breach. What initially appeared to be a hack only affecting celebrities and verified accounts has been shown to have also affected many ordinary users. The breach initially came to prominence when Instagram’s most followed user,… Read More

Cross-industry team disrupts WireX botnet attack

A group of security teams from various companies, some of them competitors, worked together to disrupt a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from the WireX botnet. The attack, discovered on August 17, revealed that the botnet had incorporated devices from over 100 different countries, a peculiar feature for a DDoS attack which is normally far more… Read More

GPS may be on the way out for ships amid security fears

Ships may be moving away from using Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation and towards a simpler, more old school technology, in order to avoid cyber security threats. GPS and similar technologies that are used worldwide work by sending and receiving satellite signals, which can be easily jammed by hackers. If this happens and the crew… Read More

Game of Thrones script leaked as HBO suffers data breach

A hacking group has claimed responsibility for the breach of data at entertainment giant HBO, including the script for a Game of Thrones episode. The group sent out an email to a number of journalists, reportedly saying ‘HBO is falling’ and claiming to have gained access to 1.5 terabytes of data. HBO confirmed that there… Read More