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North Korean hackers stole classified military documents

South Korea has reported that North Korean hackers are believed to have stolen classified military documents last year, including the most recent U.S./South Korea wartime operations plans. Democratic Party Rep. Lee Cheol-hee made the report, stating that 235 GB of classified documents were stolen, according to information from South Korean defense officials. Hackers apparently broke into… Read More

Why integration is key to effective security change

Earlier this week I wrote about how an evolution, built on the shoulders of the brightest and the best in the DevOps community, has overtaken the capabilities of established security practices. The piece got a lot of attention, and my already busy diary now has requests for me to come and speak at conferences about… Read More

Cloud computing: Empowering businesses of all sizes

In the build-up to his appearance at Cloud Expo Europe, Frankfurt, brand strategist and unified comms expert Sam Pavin, discusses the impact of cloud computing on businesses of all sizes, and its influence on the future of marketing Cloud computing is now widely accepted as a solution that is here to stay for businesses looking… Read More

44CON Insider: The importance of collaborative efforts in cybersecurity

The Stack’s resident security expert Richard Morrell recently visited squeaky clean Kensington to get his hands dirty with cybersecurity’s frontline troops at 44CON For those who don’t know what 44CON is, the show has grown become one of the cornerstones of the UK security and technology industry. It is truly about the security troops in the… Read More

Equifax data breach leaks 143 million U.S. customers’ personal information

U.S. credit score provider Equifax has suffered a cyber-attack giving hackers access to the personal details of as many as 143 million people. The company revealed that ‘criminals’ exploited a website application vulnerability to gain access to files, between mid-May and July this year. The company discovered the breach on July 29th, meaning they waited… Read More