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Sony Pictures blackmailed and targeted in corporate system hack

Sony Pictures has been targeted by a malicious hacker attack which has allegedly stolen large quantities of corporate data and threatens to obtain more. Staff were greeted on Monday by... Read More

‘Operation Onymous’ seizes hundreds of underground drug and weapons cybermarkets

A joint cybercrime initiative, involving 16 European countries and the US, has arrested 17 suspects globally this week, Europol announced today. The European police agency has rounded up cybercriminals linked to... Read More

Lawyers Without Borders hit by persistent Chinese cyber-attack

Although it is not pursuing any cases in China, the pro-bono international organisation Lawyers Without Borders is currently under systematic attack from an entity in China. Talking exclusively to IT... Read More

US government security alarmism continues with Obama’s ‘doomsday’ comments

In the wake of recent statements from the head of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General regarding the dismal future of national security in a world of client-side encryption, comments on... Read More

Cut-price UK web police struggling against cybercrime, says Met Chief

The Metropolitan Police is struggling to understand and fight emerging cyber crimes, according to Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. Despite a 54% rise in cyber crime reports over the last year, and 8,500 cases reported... Read More

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