Latest cybercrime publications

An AI algorithm to fight the new ‘hate codes’ of the alt-right

Researchers have used machine learning to develop the capability to identify online hate speech hiding behind ‘hate codes’ – which substitute some of the most common words on the internet for some of the most offensive. In the paper Detecting the Hate Code on Social Media, three researchers from the University of Rochester, led by… Read More

WhatsApp vulnerability sidesteps message encryption

Messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram are popular for the end-to-end encryption services they provide, ensuring that messages are visible only to a sender and intended recipient. However, a recently discovered vulnerability in these messaging apps would have allowed the malicious takeover over entire accounts had it not been corrected, completely bypassing the encryption for sent… Read More

Marines ask if Cyber Command could help online harassment issues

A representative from the Marine Corps has posed the question as to whether U.S. Cyber Command, tasked with the online defence of the United States, could or should become involved in incidents such as the scandal over male marines sharing online nude photos of their female colleagues. Testifying before the House Appropriations Committee, Marine Corps… Read More

Government report warns China and Russia dangerously ahead of U.S. in cyberwar capabilities

The recently published final report from the United States’ government Defense Science Board Task Force on Cyber Deterrence paints a grim picture that is very much in line with casual perceptions from news over the last 18 months – that Russia and China have obtained, and are maintaining, a significant lead in capabilities for critical… Read More

Unsecured backup exposes global spam farm

A notorious spamming organisation responsible for the sending of up to a billion unwanted messages a day has inadvertently revealed its entire operation by failing to secure a network-available backup of its operations. A cooperative effort between Mackeeper’s Security Research Centre, CSOonline and Spamhaus took place last month when Chris Vickery, one of Mackeeper’s operatives,… Read More