Latest cybercrime publications

Ransom demands by hackers determined by The Economist

Hackers installing ransomware and demanding payment in order to unlock a device have a surprising method of determining how much to ask for – the Big Mac index from The Economist. Security firm Recorded Future noted that in March, a user of a Russian cybercrime forum posted an advertisement for a new ransomware-as-a-service product called… Read More

EU report raises FinTech, blockchain concerns

A joint committee for the EU has released a report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System, in which cybersecurity, including the rising use of blockchain technology, is marked as a major concern for the financial sector. One of the problems facing financial institutions is the increase in the adoption of mobile technology and the… Read More

New Chinese regulation requires security assessment for data export

The Chinese data protection law, due to be implemented in June 2017, requires that data on Chinese consumers be stored within the country, requiring multinational corporations to set up data centers within Chinese borders. A new article of the law, drafted by the Cyberspace Administration of China, sets forth regulations for exporting data outside of… Read More

Word vulnerability exploited to send Dridex malware to millions

An unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word is being exploited to forward Dridex malware to millions of unsuspecting users. Researchers from security firm Proofpoint discovered the Dridex distribution campaign using documents emailed to millions of recipients, primarily in Australia. This represents the first malware distribution campaign exploiting the newly discovered Microsoft Word zero-day vulnerability. The vulnerability, first… Read More

Android variant of Pegasus spyware discovered

A variant of the Pegasus software that targeted iOS devices last fall has been discovered by security researchers. This variant, called Chrysaor after the mythical brother of Pegasus, targets Android devices. Discovered by the researchers at Lookout Security Intelligence, in collaboration with Google, Chrysaor shares many features with the Pegasus spyware. Like Pegasus, the Android… Read More