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Snowflake releases new cybersecurity workload for cloud data platforms

At enterprises across the world, conversations about how to best deal with the rise of cybersecurity challenges are regularly happening. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly resourceful and the growing range of potential attack vectors is making securing networks from attack even more difficult. In a bid to support businesses on their journey to protect themselves… Read More

Palo Alto Networks and Deloitte expand partnership into managed security

Consultancy Deloitte and cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks recently announced their strategic alliance will be deepened to offer US clients new managed security services. Building on the partnership that was first agreed in July 2021 to provide cybersecurity solutions to customers, these two firms are responding to the needs of clients who are undergoing digital… Read More

Channel Island hacking activity post invasion of Ukraine

There are no signs that these threats are going to subside at any point in the near future, with hackers having a strong financial incentive to continue. Even at organisations that have solid cyber defences, it is still possible for hackers to breach these firewalls and damage the company.

Andrew Bartlam of Orca discusses how to manage ‘Alert Fatigue’ in cloud security

The lift-and-shift method of cloud adoption has also contributed to the number of security vendors engaged by a business. Often, when an application was migrated to the cloud, the security solution was migrated alongside the application that it served on-premise. It can be difficult to dedicate resources to evaluating solutions that are already in place.

The rise of Israeli Cyber-Security firms

Perhaps the most significant difference in Israel compared to other leading cybersecurity nations is the value placed on cybersecurity in the education sector. Not only was Israel the first country to offer cybersecurity as an elective for high schoolers but it also established the first PhD solely in cybersecurity.