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Police set up Craigslist safe zones for online traders

Online safe zones are popping up all over the U.S. at police stations, providing internet traders a secure place to meet and exchange goods in the knowledge that officers are only moments away. The concept is not new, however the popularity of online safe zones has increased dramatically over the past few months as a reaction… Read More

Forensic holodeck to introduce virtual crime scenes into court

Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets may soon be presented to judges and juries in the courtroom to help lead to more informed decisions, following research at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Zurich, Switzerland. For the past few years, investigators have been using 3D technologies to analyse crime scenes – from lasers which map the… Read More

Boston Uber driver accused of raping and kidnapping passenger

As Uber treads through fierce global scrutiny amid numerous sexual assault cases involving its ‘amateur taxi-drivers’, the car-hailing service faces another damaging blow following an alleged rape of a young woman in Boston. The district attorney’s office for Massachusetts’ Middlesex County announced this week that Alejandro Done, 46, had been charged with rape, assault to… Read More

Uber ‘amateur taxi’ service banned in New Delhi after rape incident arrest

Uber, the smartphone-based service which enables otherwise unlicensed drivers to provide on-demand taxi services in major cities around the world, has been dealt the biggest blow against its image in a year which has brought many others. After a complicated hunt at the weekend, Indian police officers arrested an Uber taxi driver on the charge… Read More

Australian cops crack down on crypto-crime

One of Australia’s leading policing agencies, the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), has launched an investigation into crypto currencies and their link with organised crime. According to a Reuters report, the official operation named ‘Project Longstrike’ will be monitoring “misuse of virtual currencies to facilitate criminal activity.” “Organised crime groups continue to make use of darknets… Read More