Latest Covid-19 publications

IT’s role in COVID-19 vaccine creation and distribution

It would have been impossible to pull off a coordinated, verifiable, safe vaccine delivery without modern tech tools in use and the application of advanced technologies.

Covid-19: Data protection & cyber security

We face significant challenges with the current global pandemic and the spread of COVID-19. Whilst inevitably there is a focus on our physical and environmental safety at home and at work, we must also maintain our individual cybersecurity health and wellbeing, including the protection of personal data and maintaining cybersecurity standards.

Zoom users can now opt out of data routing through China

The video conferencing service admitted last week that some meetings may have had data routed through China when using the service. Zoom is to let users opt in and out of specific data centre regions as part of the video conferencing app’s latest security update. The new option comes in response to concerns that data from meetings were sometimes being routed through data centres in China, which critics argued was a security risk.

Practical pandemic planning

Firstly, don’t add a fourth ‘P’ for Panic, but do take the current outbreak and associated risks seriously. We are at the start of something that could impact us in many ways for an indeterminate period of time. A pandemic (we are not quite there just yet) falls under one of the four categories of ‘operational risk’. This is NOT a drill or an exercise, nor does this completely align with typical Business Continuity (BC) exercises or thought processes. However, BC, Incident Response (IR) plans provide elements that will help along the way. Similar to an adverse event a pandemic will evolve in its own way and at its own speed, it is as much about how we prepare and respond that will aid our ability to reduce risks and in this instance potentially survive.

IBM’s response to Covid-19

The COVID-19 coronavirus presents an unprecedented, global challenge When citizens are doing their part by social distancing, healthcare workers and first responders are taking care of many of us, and our governments are mobilizing resources to respond to this crisis, we’ve asked ourselves what can we do at IBM? Of course, we are taking care of our… Read More