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Covid-19 travel restrictions could impede data centre growth demands, warn construction experts

While data centre construction has largely managed to weather the Covid-19 storm, worldwide travel restrictions are preventing senior management from travelling to sites, potentially impact the industry’s ability to meet increased demand, said panellists on this week’s data centre construction webinar hosted by Techerati and Data Centre World (recording available here).

When asked by moderator Joe McCaffrey of Duke McCaffrey Consultants how Covid-19 travel restrictions were impacting labour availability, Amy Daniell, director of Hyperscale for NTT, said while the bulk of the construction labour force could be fulfilled locally, getting the necessary senior management on-site was proving a challenge. 

NHS under cyber siege since Covid-19, GCHQ boss says

The NHS has been increasingly targeted by cyber attacks since the coronavirus outbreak, the director of GCHQ has said.

Jeremy Fleming told the Cheltenham Science Festival that GCHQ’s cybersecurity arm, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), had been supporting the health sector after it had been targeted by hackers.

CTO Interview: Otavio Freire, SafeGuard Cyber

Dr Roger G. Johnston’s “Backwards” security maxim states: “Most people will assume everything is secure until provided strong evidence to the contrary.” The observation reflects our collective tendency to ignore potential vulnerabilities in products, services or technologies if acknowledging them interrupts our enjoyment of them or the utility they carry.

Of course, this pathology is rare in security teams, but highly present in users and consumers, who see technology as a means to an end and relish any new tool that promises to shave seconds of their daily routine. The most potent example this side of the millennium was Cambridge Analytica’s covert harvesting of our personalities via innocuous quizzes. But for today’s organisations – right here, right, now – what is the “Backwards” blindspot?

Hackers ramp up enterprise cloud attacks as workforces go remote

Enterprise cloud accounts have faced an onslaught of cyber attacks in recent months as organistions increase their use of cloud services and collaboration tools.

That’s according to the latest cloud security research from McAfee, who analysed data from its 30 million global McAfee MVISION Cloud users between January and April.

10 ways to improve your remote working strategy

Businesses quickly adapted to enable their employees to work from home when the Government’s Covid-19 lockdown was imposed. But four weeks later, what have we learned? Is there room for improvement to keep organisations secure, productive and engaged? Tim Mercer, CEO of Vapour Cloud, advises how companies can take remote working strategies up a notch…