Latest Coronavirus publications

TechUK requests government to reconsider self-isolation policy for data centres

The UK government’s self-isolation policy raised concerns that it was too inflexible to properly accommodate digital infrastructure and data centre personnel.

How will cloud use change post-pandemic?

Cloud has been one of the few success stories of the last 12 months..Fordway’s Richard Blanford explores how companies will shore up cloud strategies as we emerge from the pandemic

CTO Talks: Richard Walters, Censornet on Cyber Security & REMOTE WORK

Techerati chats with the Censornet CTO about worrying behavioural trends recorded since employees began working from home and what companies need to do to stay protected.

NHSX deploys machine learning to improve coronavirus treatment

Artificial intelligence will be used in an effort to improve the treatment of coronavirus patients.

It is hoped that thousands of scans made available to hospitals will result in patients with Covid-19 receiving faster treatment, improved outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

IT’s role in COVID-19 vaccine creation and distribution

It would have been impossible to pull off a coordinated, verifiable, safe vaccine delivery without modern tech tools in use and the application of advanced technologies.