Latest cooling publications

NEC and NTT develop energy-saving cooling system using greener HFO refrigerant

Japan-based NEC and NTT Communications have developed an air cooling system which they claim slashes air conditioning power consumption in data centres. The energy-saving system is the first to use... Read More

A deep dive into liquid cooling

It was once the preserve of older-style legacy mainframe computers, and until recently was considered by many as only applicable for high performance computing (HPC) requirements. However, liquid cooling is... Read More

DCW: Mark Collins, Director, Excool

Disruptive Live’s interview with Mark Collin, Director at Excool, from this year’s Data Centre World at the London ExCeL.  Excool is a fully developed and purpose designed data center cooling... Read More

Adopting a low energy and low water consumption approach

Excool is specialists in indirect evaporative cooling . Over the last decade the data centre world has changed, the demand from the market is very different now in 2020 compared to... Read More

#DCWSG19: Energy efficient cooling at no extra cost

Energy-efficient cooling at no extra cost? It’s not too good to be true. At #DCWSG19, Peter Thomsen, Director of Building System Solutions at Armstrong Fluid Technology, explains why Armstrong’s intelligent... Read More

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