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Huawei: Towards the better Datacenter
Artificial Intelligence is emerging quickly as a key tool in the operation and management of datacentres. As datacentres continue to become more business-critical, more technologically complex and networked, and more reliant on empirical/data-driven rather than ‘hunch’ decision making so human capabilities are proving increasing challenged in managing the datacentre environment. The complexity of management increases... Read More

Will Rising Summer Temperatures Disrupt Indirect Free Cooling Processes?

The popularity of indirect free cooling of data centres in the Nordics region could place facilities at risk of corrosion if conditions are not correctly controlled this summer, according to Greger Ruud, who leads the Nordic Datacenters unit at Aggreko.

EU environmental regulations to impact data centre HVAC projects

As temperatures go up in the summer months, data centre HVAC systems require extra care: but operators must ensure that they take extra care to comply with environmental regulations.

Microsoft using two-phase immersion cooling

Microsoft has moved beyond liquid cooling in one of its data centres, using two-phase immersion cooling to maintain temperature on active production servers.

Husam Alissa, principal hardware engineer for Microsoft, said, “We are the first cloud provider that is running two-phase immersion cooling in a production environment.”

Optimising data centre performance

Overall, there are many key considerations when looking to optimise data centre performance, but ensuring resilient power, efficient cooling and gaining real-time visibility for mission-critical environments is crucial for any operator.