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Schneider Electric drives data centre sustainability with Uniflair cooling innovation

• Modular and packaged design accelerates site deployment and simplifies installation • Cooling efficiencies reduce annual energy use and TCO • Low GWP refrigerants help data centres meet efficiency regulations... Read More

What smart cities mean for the Data Centre in 2022/23

Investment in smart cities is growing worldwide. According to information from Statista, “Technology spending on smart city initiatives worldwide is forecast to more than double between 2018 and 2023, increasing... Read More

Have we reached the limits of data centre efficiency?

As cloud services become more integrated into businesses across industries and across the globe, demand for data centre services will continue to skyrocket. According to Statista, global spending on data... Read More

Data Centre Power Trends 2021 and Beyond

Rising demand for data centre services has led new entrants into the industry – and existing businesses to look at expanding services in existing markets and creating footholds in new... Read More

Powering quantum computers – The ultimate challenge

Quantum computing in a practical sense might still be some way off - several decades by some estimates - but various quantum computers are in operation today, raising considerable and... Read More

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