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Keyless SSL technology to ensure cloud security for financial firms

A new technology, called Keyless SSL, promises to quell security concerns among financial firms which have been reluctant to share their Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) keys across cloud platforms. CloudFlare, a web security startup, announced today that a Keyless SSL development would allow organisations to not disclose their SSL tokens – used by companies to… Read More

Deutsche Bank funds £50mn expansion of Virtus Data Centres

London-based Virtus Data Centres has added a £50mn investment boost from Deutsche Bank to its funding portfolio. Though the additional capital is intended to ‘drive business growth’, it is not yet clear whether it will be used to develop or augment existing infrastructure in the company’s Enfield and Hayes locations, to construct new facilities or to… Read More

Optimising performance to beat the internet’s rush hour traffic

As IP traffic continues to rocket and the peaks during the busy hour get even spikier, there is a growing need for automation in managing network services says Paul Vian According to the most recent Cisco Visual Networking Index,  global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years and will increase… Read More

Here’s two peer-to-peer products you didn’t know were P2P

Could P2P technology offer content providers a way round the battling internet service providers (ISPs) and issues of net neutrality and deal directly with customers? Leif Espelund thinks so. A recent offhand comment by the Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has stirred up some conversation  about whether the company could deliver content over P2P architecture, thereby… Read More

Internap updates routing software to cope with increasingly complex internet

High performance internet infrastructure services, company Internap Network Services says it has completely rebuilt its intelligent routing software to cope with the upcoming demands of the internet of things. Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) aims to route network traffic over the fastest available internet path. The company says that the internet of things means the… Read More