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Lessons learned from Monzo’s Kubernetes outage

Monzo engineers suffered a very unenjoyable day in October last year when the online bank experienced a total outage for an hour and 21 minutes. At KubeCon in Copenhagen, Oliver Beattie, Monzo’s head of engineering, talked through the outage and discussed some of the lessons he learned after experiencing every engineer’s worst-case scenario. A full… Read More

Serverless framework Nuclio released for enterprise customers

Enterprise customers now have access to Nuclio, a cloud-neutral serverless framework for data processing, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence. Nuclio, built by Iguazio, can be used in the cloud or on-premises, though the company has worked with Microsoft to ensure it works best with Azure, where it states that it can provide the ‘most advanced… Read More

Serverless containers now available through Azure

Development teams that don’t want to manage virtual machines now have the option of running serverless containers thanks to Azure Container Instances (ACI). ACI is now generally available and will allow customers to deploy containers without needing to look after the virtual machines (VMs) on which they sit. Serverless computing is something of a misnomer,… Read More

IBM releases Cloud Private platform to create cloud native environment

IBM has released a private cloud software platform designed to accelerate app development through on-premises services that behave like the public cloud. It hopes that the platform will extend cloud-native tools across both public and private clouds, as well as ‘unlocking’ billions of dollars in investment in core data and applications. The platform takes advantage… Read More

Google Cloud and Cisco partner for hybrid containers solution

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cisco have announced a partnership for a new open hybrid cloud solution for on-premises and GCP. Google hopes the partnership will improve agility and security for customers, with a solution for creating and managing applications both on-premises and in Google Cloud. Key to the architecture are open source platforms Kubernetes… Read More