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One fifth of UK organisations yet to adopt data or analytics tools

Almost a fifth of organisations in the UK are not using any data analytics tools across their business, new research has revealed.

Data analytics company TrueCue, launched by global technology firm Concentra this year, interviewed 100 data and IT professionals at London’s Big Data & AI World last March, to understand how they were currently analysing data within their organisation.

They discovered a large number of the nation’s organisations are still reliant on skilled workers to perform manual processes that would take computers seconds to complete.

Making people count with people analytics

How an HR function went on a voyage of taking raw data and deploying predictive analytics within 8 months People and Human Capital analytics to solve business challenges is gaining momentum. The 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report[1], based on a survey of 11,000 business leaders globally, revealed that 85 percent of respondents considered… Read More