Latest collaboration publications

Open Compute Project announces OCP 2.0

OCP 2.0 promises to continue the work of creating standards across the data centre industry and ensuring that an open community of seasoned experts can continue to support innovation and collaboration to improve hardware design and delivery.

Huawei calls on America to refocus its cybersecurity efforts

The May 2021 Executive Order requires that major cybersecurity attacks must be examined by a Cybersecurity Safety Review Board, which will create an incident report.

Data centre providers pledge to plant 1000 orchards to support the bees

The ‘DCs for Bees’ initiative was created by Host in Ireland to connect data centre providers and industry leaders, in a combined, targeted effort to save Ireland’s bee population.

Tesla announces Chinese data centre

The new data centre was announced following restrictions placed on Tesla vehicles by the Chinese government, these restrictions were implemented due to concern that Tesla vehicles may pose a national security risk to the Chinese government.