Latest Cloud publications

CoreSite acquires second Miami data centre

CoreSite, a hybrid IT solutions provider in the US, has acquired a data centre in Miami, Florida. The new facility, MI2, increases the company’s footprint in the city by 103,000 square feet and enhances the CoreSite offering in the Southeastern region of the US.

This Cloud has a DCIM silver lining

The capabilities of DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) have changed along with the environment. The need for the cloud has been driven by the growing use of hybrid digital infrastructure to satisfy shifting business and leisure requirements and offer development prospects. By 2028, the worldwide DCIM market is expected to surpass $3 billion with a CAGR of 8.6%, according to data by BlueWave Consulting.

NVIDIA launches Omniverse Cloud

NVIDIA announced the launch of the company’s first SaaS offering: the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a cloud services suite supports collaborative modeling of 3D workflows – allowing data centre operators to build a digital twin of facilities.

Africa Data Centres draws $83 million to expand South African footprint

Africa Data Centres has requested a disbursement of funding from a larger grant awarded by the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in 2021. The total award was for $300 million USD; Africa Data Centres has requested $83 million be released so that they can expand existing data centres in South Africa.

Compass Data Centres partners with Hines for Milan data centre

Compass Data Centres has announced a partnership with global real estate firm Hines to acquire a 2.3 million square-foot site in Milan, Italy. The two companies plan to build one of the largest data centres onto this square footage.