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On-demand Webinar: CISO Focus — Questions to address in your COVID-19 exit strategy

Techerati Academy's latest cybersecurity webinar is available for on-demand viewingWith some countries starting to ease lockdown restrictions, CISOs need to readapt and plan for employees coming back to the office.... Read More

In an era of connected devices, manage your password like a CISO

As many of us stay home, we are relying more than ever on apps and online services to stay connected. But recent headlines have highlighted that the vulnerabilities within apps... Read More

The CISO’s guide to preparing a Covid-19 exit strategy

While governments and public healthcare specialists are looking into the timing and manner of reopening the economy, it is clear that at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future restrictions... Read More

New year, new habits? Why this CISO reckons you need to change your security behaviours

he question of trust in technology is more pressing than ever. However, software, websites and apps are still being produced which fail to provide comprehensive security. Why is this still... Read More

CISO Interview: Does ‘breach normalisation’ have its benefits?

The topic of breach normalisation has been examined heavily before, but most of the discussion has centred around its obvious, negative effect - the desensitisation and numbing of society to each... Read More

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