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International exploit kit Angler thwarted by Cisco security team

Researchers at a Cisco security unit have successfully interrupted the spread of a massive international exploit kit which is commonly used in ransomware attacks, holding user data hostage and demanding payment for its release. The Talos security team were monitoring the notorious malware, Angler Exploit Kit, which they report is one of the most effective… Read More

Teasing apart the public vs. private cloud polemic

The last few years of debate about the public versus the private cloud have been lively, but arguably not framed by the context of how – and which – industries are driving adoption… The ambient  noise around public vs. private clouds can be confusing to IT managers. After all, the industry has been using terms… Read More

Why early IoT adopters own the future of business

Global head of market development for IoT at Cisco, Matthew Smith, discusses the impact that the internet of things will have on future business practice… In 2008 the world passed through a tipping point, where the number of connected devices surpassed the number of people on the planet. Those nearly seven billion connections has more… Read More

Cisco targets SMEs with extended cyberattack protection

Cisco has announced that it is adding another string to its cybercriminal-defeating bow, expanding its firewall services for midsize businesses and offering a further malware protection layer following its acquisition of security software firm ThreatGrid last June. According to the networking giant, it plans to extend its range of ASA Firewall and FirePower services to SMEs, branch offices,… Read More

Cisco stakes its claim in the cloud gold rush with $1bn investment

Internet infrastructure giant Cisco has put its tanks on Amazon’s lawn with a claim it will spend at least $1bn (£600m) over two years to build the world’s largest global network of clouds – it called it Intercloud – working with a set of international partners. Cisco aimed its announcement not just at Amazon Web… Read More