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Cisco acquires Metacloud to leverage OpenStack in the hybrid cloud

Cisco has made a contribution to a lively period of cloud startup acquisitions by purchasing Metacloud, a California-based company which specialises in deploying OpenStack into hybrid cloud environments. The Pasadena firm was founded in 2011, the year that Cisco itself joined OpenStack’s development ecostructure, and its staff and IP will be subsumed by Cisco as a… Read More

Optimising performance to beat the internet’s rush hour traffic

As IP traffic continues to rocket and the peaks during the busy hour get even spikier, there is a growing need for automation in managing network services says Paul Vian According to the most recent Cisco Visual Networking Index,  global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years and will increase… Read More

Microsoft shapes up to new reality of mobile and cloud

Microsoft has prepared the ground for life in a challenging future with the announcement of job cuts, a phasing out of its four month old Nokia X line, and a new cloud partnership with Cisco, as part of a wider push to rebrand and restructure the firm’s offering. These recent developments mark the biggest evolution… Read More

Rackspace focuses on service as hunt for investor continues

The hunt by hosting services company, Rackspace, for a knight in shining armour with deep pockets continues while, in the meantime, the operation gets on with business. Toby Owen (pictured), the head of product strategy for the open cloud company, said the move to appoint a financial services company to assess its strategic options was… Read More

Richard Morrell: The glue that binds us

Change can be disruptive and it can bring people together. Software defined networking is set to do both says Richard Morrell There’s a seed change happening in emerging next generation IT. The traditional demarcation between roles and responsibilities in enterprise and cloud computing is blurring. This rising and very real technology paradigm has the potential,… Read More