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Why the NSPCC is taking a hybrid approach to its cloud strategy

Ray Bilsby, CIO at NSPCC, writes on why a hybrid cloud model is central to the charity’s IT overhaul… Like many charities, the NSPCC is continually reviewing the way it spends money to ensure it delivers the best value. We need to be conscious that money spent on technology is money which is not available… Read More

Managing the challenges and reaping the benefits of remote and agile working

While security has continued to occupy the thoughts of Peter Ransom, the CIO of international charity, Oxfam, his department has also been using its controls and disciplines to help other business units and, in a desire to promote business agility, he finds himself asking: what is a normal place of work? Last time I wrote… Read More

Securing the data – and our future

Peter Ransom, the CIO of international charity Oxfam, has taken on the role of security manager while a colleague was recruited. Understanding the threats without and the risks within, it has been an eye opening experience. “The thing is, our policy doesn’t quite cover this and as you are the acting Information Security Manager, we… Read More