Latest censorship publications

Iranian app helps users avoid morality police

Gershad, a new smartphone application rapidly gaining popularity in Iran, helps users avoid checkpoints set up by Iranian morality police. The app, which is trending on social media (although download... Read More

HTTP error code 451 introduced for censored web pages

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), which helps to review and update standards on the internet, has approved a new status code for web page errors – one that will... Read More

Xbox One firmware update removes ‘Region Lock’ in China

Xbox One owners in China have received the additional feature ‘removal of Region Lock’ after its April firmware updates available at 11pm last night, according to gamer reports. Microsoft is... Read More

Notel media player helps North Koreans skirt censorship

A small portable media device, costing roughly £32, is allowing North Koreans to access and view foreign media despite tight government censorship, according to a Reuters report. The ‘Notel’, a mashup... Read More

China tightens control over sexually explicit content shared through messaging app WeChat

Chinese internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has today announced new rules surrounding sexual and vulgar content published online across Tencent Holding’s popular messaging app, WeChat. The move comes... Read More

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