Latest censorship publications

Twitter adds ‘hellban’ to anti-abuse measures

Twitter has announced today that it is rolling out a raft of additional measures to counteract abuse of the platform – including a feature whereby the missives of identified abusers would only be visible for a time to themselves and those following them. In YCombinator’s Hacker News community, this is similar to a ‘hellban’ –… Read More

China imposes internet news reporting ban on major online companies

The Cyberspace Administration of China has ordered major companies to stop reporting news due to the ‘huge negative effects’ of the companies’ original news reports. According to Beijing News (Chinese), online outlets from Tencent Holdings, Sohu.com Inc, Sina Corp and NetEase Inc. are included in the crackdown. News of the restrictions are attributed to an… Read More

China proposes foreign domain name censorship

A new draft law in China could potentially increase domain name restrictions, limiting domestic access to foreign websites. The measures outlined in the ‘Internet Domain Name Management Rules’ (Chinese) remain unclear, yet suggest a marked effort to increase censorship on online content. The proposals, released for public comment last week by the Ministry of Industry… Read More

Iranian app helps users avoid morality police

Gershad, a new smartphone application rapidly gaining popularity in Iran, helps users avoid checkpoints set up by Iranian morality police. The app, which is trending on social media (although download statistics are not currently available), allows users to tag the location of morality police checkpoints on a map and share the locations with other users…. Read More

HTTP error code 451 introduced for censored web pages

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), which helps to review and update standards on the internet, has approved a new status code for web page errors – one that will indicate where the page has been repressed for legal or political reasons. Status codes are used when transmitting or requesting data over the internet, with… Read More