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Building security and privacy protection into a BYOD environment

Daniele Màtyàs Tieghi, CTO and product manager at Mon-K Data Protection, discusses why businesses would be advised to reassess their data protection investments Over the last five years, companies have had to face increasing costs of cyberattacks and data breaches. In 2015, the cost of cyber attacks globally was $480 million (approx. £361 million). In 2016,… Read More

Employees gamble with corporate security installing ‘risky’ casino apps

Employees are putting the security of corporate data at risk by installing gambling apps containing adware and critical vulnerabilities, according to security researcher Veracode. Monitoring the threats presented in business environments by personal mobile phones, Veracode found that as many as 35 dubious gambling apps were widely present in hundreds of thousands of cases, based… Read More

U.S. Navy abandons cloud and data centre plans in favour of new strategy

The U.S. Navy is planning to reassign its cloud and data centre strategies following disappointment in the progress of its consolidation initiative, according to a Federal News Radio report. “Later this year, we will make an organizational change to our approach to data centre consolidation. The Data Center and Application Optimization (DCAO) program office will move… Read More

Dating apps a potential corporate vulnerability in BYOD, according to IBM

In a report that throws pending Valentine’s day under a cold shower, IBM claims to have discovered exploitable vulnerabilities in 26 out of 41 smartphone dating apps available on Google’s Android mobile platform – and that 50 per cent of BYOD devices in the companies surveyed have dating apps installed on them. The report states… Read More

Network (in)visibility leading to destructive IT blame game

With ever increasing demands being placed on networks, Matt Walmsley is amazed that so many IT teams are still flying blind when it comes to network monitoring which, he says, leads to finger pointing and an IT blame game rather than dealing with the real issues. It is widely acknowledged that significant changes in the… Read More