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France bans UberPop from January 2015 as French cabbies prepare to strike

The French government has reversed [translated] last week’s judicial deafness to the protests of French taxi drivers regarding the toll that Uber’s ‘UberPop’ service will take on their livelihoods, banning Uber’s ‘UberPop’ service in the country from 1st of January 2015. The reversal deflates today’s planned taxi-driver blockade, which intended to block 160 miles of… Read More

21Vianet pulls in $296mn in data centre investment from Kingsoft and others

U.S. overnight trading on Beijing-based data centre services provider 21Vianet rose by 5.4% on the news that the company has received $296mn (£189mn) of investment from multi-portfolioed investor Lei Jun. Jun is the executive director of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Tech – recently involved in a controversy with the Indian air force over the privacy settings of… Read More

Uber overwrought at obstacles to operating in India

With an almost pathological determination to remain in controversial headlines, crowd-sourcing taxi-service giant Uber’s latest rift is with India, whose insistence on two-factor authentication for payment from casual passengers to casual drivers, has irked the company. Though the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is technically the aggressor in this negotiation to let the company operate in India… Read More

Get the views of a “digital anthropologist” on how digital disruption is changing business and people

This article by the said digital anthropologist Brian Solis at the Altimeter Group  is actiually titled “Digital disruption is changing business, but technology isn’t the only answer”. The more interesting aspect though is about how digital disruption is changing people’s behaviour – people being customers and employees. Excerpt “One of the most interesting things I found in… Read More

Selecting the right software stack for your business analytics project

Once you have decided your data warehouse needs business analytics rather than a dashboard project do you go for a front end or back end solution or perhaps now a full stack offering? Elad Israeli, the founder and chief product officer at Sisense weighs up the options When assessing the various alternatives for extracting intelligence from your… Read More