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British Telecom promises ‘ultrafast’ copper broadband – with fibre backbone

In a new press release, British Telecom reveals that results from field trials demonstrate the practicability of achieving network speeds of 1000 mega bits per second over copper wire –... Read More

Google-led consortium to build trans-Pacific ‘Faster’ cable

A consortium of six tech companies has announced plans to build and operate a cable network under the Pacific Ocean, linking the US with Japan. The cable system, dubbed ‘Faster,’... Read More

Will a free internet do more for Africa than free trade? Interview with Calestous Juma

For a western consumer, a broadband connection has become something we take for granted. As a technology professional, when did you last sit down and think about the educational benefits... Read More

Lagging broadband services are ‘national embarrassment’ for government’s Tech City campaign

Poor infrastructure in London’s Tech City is putting strain on the government’s Old Street technology initiative as start-ups struggle to grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs, who have recently set up new... Read More

Optimising performance to beat the internet’s rush hour traffic

As IP traffic continues to rocket and the peaks during the busy hour get even spikier, there is a growing need for automation in managing network services says Paul Vian... Read More

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