Latest Brexit publications

Is the UK data centre industry prepared for Br***t?
Data centres represent complex environments where multiple sectors coexist and a multitude of regulations converge. So how will the most complex challenge in recent UK political history impact the data centre sector? Emma Fryer, associate director of techUK, clarifies Brexit confusion, raises concerns, addresses the risks and hunts for a few silver linings... Is the... Read More

The definitive guide to the data centre in 2019

The year would not be complete without The Stack’s annual data centre forecast. Data centre construction, multicloud adoption and edge-mania continue apace — but what else will the new year have in store? Our data centre heavyweights weigh-in on what’s happening next year in the data centre industry Steven Carlini, vice president of innovation and data centre,… Read More

Brexit could deny UK access to EU-wide GPS project Galileo

The UK’s pending departure from the European Union could mean that the country loses access to the EU’s global positioning system (GPS) system, Galileo – which it helped to design and implement. Following a 15-year collaborative project between the EU and the European Space Agency (ESA), the new satellite navigation system went live at the… Read More

European data centres eye APAC post-Brexit

APAC Reach, a marketing and research company focused on assisting expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region, has reported a marked increase in European clients interested in data center investments in the area following the UK Brexit referendum. In a press release this week, APAC Reach reported that in the six weeks since the Brexit referendum,… Read More

Robo-advisory: Wealth managers need to step up their game to win

Frank Bertele, CEO at wealth intelligence platform NETZ, argues why wealth managers need to become more effective with lead generation and establish more sustainable, long-term client relationships to compete with the rise of low-cost, robo-advisors. Robo-advisory is a huge step forward in terms of managing investments in a simple, cost-efficient and transparent way. Typically, rob-advisory… Read More