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IBM secures nationwide blockchain deal with French court clerks

In a pilot, involving four court clerks and IT providers, the NCC was able to decrease the time to update the registry from several days to a single day IBM and the National Council of Clerks (NCC) have announced the development of a blockchain-based commercial court network for legal transactions. Clerks operating in commercial courts… Read More

The future of blockchain with 10Clouds
Maciej Cielecki, CEO and co-founder at 10Clouds and Dennis van der Vecht, Blockchain Account Executive at 10Clouds discuss blockchain history, use cases and what lies ahead For companies looking to incorporate blockchain solutions beyond crypto, what need to be the initial considerations? Dennis van der Vecht: As CoinDesk’s director of research beautifully stated “Blockchain technology,... Read More

Addressing blockchain’s gender problem
John Bensalhia talks to Bloomwater Capital's founding partner & head of investor relations Veronica Mihai about gender and diversity inclusion in the blockchain space Veronica Mihai's interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrency (more specifically, Bitcoin) began about four years ago when she read Satoshi’s infamous whitepaper. “I liked the concept and the idealistic approach to managing... Read More

Quickfire Q+A: Blockchain with Sukhi Jutla
Sukhi Jutla, co-founder of MarketOrders, sees a future where people are using and interacting with blockchain on a daily basis without even being aware of it. Ahead of her talk at Blockchain Technology World, we sat down for a quickfire Q+A For you, what are the biggest opportunities offered by blockchain technologies? Blockchain tech is... Read More

The good and bad of blockchain governance with Chorum

Mark Simpson, distinguished engineer at Chorum, on the good and bad of blockchain governance. At Blockchain Technology World, Chorum is sharing what they have learnt about governance on public blockchains and proposing a new set of business models with strong governance and incentivisation. Book your free ticket today: www.tkrt.io/2019 reg Blockchain Technology World, 12-13 March,… Read More