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Bitcoin isn’t Blockchain

Any company that chooses to ignore the digital experiences that blockchain can unlock for their business and their consumers resign themselves to providing the same digital experiences that any one of their... Read More

Crypto exchange that hoards $190 million has lost its password

A crypto exchange responsible for $190 million worth of funds says it can’t return the money to investors as its founder died without sharing the exchange’s cold storage key with... Read More

Hyperledger: At the frontline of the blockchain revolution

Now that the "blockchain everything" hype has passed, it's down to organisations like Hyperledger to unify enterprise IT and delimit what actually belongs within blockchain's borders. Marta Piekarska, Hyperledger's director... Read More

What is the state of the UK blockchain industry?

A new report from Digital Catapult has shed some desperately-needed light on the scale and success of the UK blockchain industry Gauging the success of the UK blockchain industry has... Read More

Cryptocurrencies: The Krypton Factor

Jonas Caino considers the idea of applying different thinking to our data centres to get the best out of them. Since 2009, cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, have been growing... Read More

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