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Why yes, you can have your DNA stored as Bitcoin data

There’s tremendous marginal and fringe interest in the possibilities of the ‘blockchain’ technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. blockchain is a distributed consensus system in which the entire network authenticates transactions. The transactions do not have to be financial; they could as easily form part of new systems for blockchain-based email systems, secure online voting, authoritative… Read More

Bitcoin entrepreneur injects handy microchips under skin to store virtual riches

Martin Wismeijer, a Dutch entrepreneur has implanted two computer chips in his hands to stash Bitcoin inside his body. Wismeijer is the founder of the digital currency company Mr Bitcoin which operates in his native Amsterdam, and across Europe. He decided to undergo the procedure this month to embed two glass near-field communication chips under his… Read More

‘Operation Onymous’ seizes hundreds of underground drug and weapons cybermarkets

A joint cybercrime initiative, involving 16 European countries and the US, has arrested 17 suspects globally this week, Europol announced today. The European police agency has rounded up cybercriminals linked to the drugs trade and weapons market in an investigation known as ‘Operation Onymous.’ US authorities revealed yesterday that the underground drugs cybermarket site, Silk Road… Read More

Bitcoin hardware company to build data centre near Arctic Circle

Sweden’s ‘Node Pole’ is becoming a vogue destination for data centres, with Facebook a resident and Bitcoin hardware company KnC Miner announcing now that it will build a 20mw data centre in the chilly data colony at Boden. The new centre is to be called ‘Boden 2’, and brings the KnC Miner footprint up to 161000 square… Read More

Bitcoin startup Coinbase to expand services into eurozone

The Bitcoin platform Coinbase is launching its services in Europe to allow authorised euro accounts to buy and sell the virtual currency. Coinbase, which is one of the most popular startup bitcoin services, announced on Wednesday that it would be introducing its digital currency to 13 European countries including, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands…. Read More