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Hackers steal almost $2mn in Bitcoin from Chinese exchange

Bter, a Chinese Bitcoin exchange, was hacked on Valentine’s Day with the cyber criminals stealing an expected $1.75mn (approx. £1.1mn) worth of the cryptocurrency. The popular China-based firm has not yet released much detail about the breach, but has revealed that 7,170 BTC was stolen from its offline store, or ‘cold wallet’, on the 14th February,… Read More

Bitcoin could be accepted over Facebook, Uber and Spotify in Adyen/BitPay partnership

Adyen, the online payments service used by top online merchants such as Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and Spotify, has today added a bitcoin option as payment method, in collaboration with BitPay. The Netherlands-based startup, valued at $1.5bn (approx. £993mn), lists over 3,500 international e-retailers, including four of the five leading tech firms in the US. Adyen processed… Read More

Researcher claims proof that Isis is funding its activities via Bitcoin

A senior web-intelligence analyst in Singapore claims to have found proof that Islamic State (Isis) is following up practically on last year’s indications that it would use Bitcoin to fund its activities. Israeli newspaper Haaretz [paywalled] reports that Ido Wulkan from Simulation Software & Technology (S2T) Pte Ltd has discovered substantial evidence of a US-based… Read More

Bitcoin miners under pressure as value collapses

The virtual currency Bitcoin lost 21 per cent of its value yesterday, equating to a total loss this year of 44 per cent. Reports have suggested that this rapid fall is squeezing computer supporting systems and is raising alarm about its future viability. According to Coindesk, Bitcoin’s value fell to $179.37 (£117.94), 85 per cent… Read More

C7 sues Bitcoin mining firm for unpaid data centre services

Data centre provider C7 has filed a lawsuit against its customer CoinTerra after the bitcoin mining firm has reportedly not been paying its bills for its data centre services. The data centre company is demanding $5.4mn (approx. £3.6mn) in damages, court fees and related costs. The case comes at a time of great instability for… Read More