Latest biometric publications

HSBC announces biometric banking with voice and fingerprints

HSBC announced today that it would offer biometric banking options, including voice and fingerprint recognition, to all 15 million of its customers by summer 2016. For those customers who elect to use it, these new authentication methods would replace traditional pin and password access to accounts for financial transactions. Proponents of the technology say that… Read More

Keystroke dynamics could be used to distinguish children from adults online

Researchers in Turkey are investigating whether children under 15 could be distinguished from older users based on their typing behaviour, positing that this could facilitate safe child-only environments online, as well as helping police to more effectively identify adults seeking to pass themselves off as children in those contexts. The paper [PDF], by Yasin Uzun,… Read More

MasterCard to approve online payments using your selfies

MasterCard could soon introduce facial scanning technologies and fingerprint identification for processing digital payments as it investigates new ways to tackle online shopping fraud. The financial services giant will launch a small pilot programme involving 500 participants over the next couple of months to help build the infrastructure needed to verify purchase requests without password… Read More