Latest biometric publications

New cloud framework for mobile biometrics

Researchers from the IEEE have proposed a high-performance cluster cloud framework to help manage the mountains of data associated with mobile biometric authentication. In large-scale experimental tests, the team found that using a cloud-based biometric authentication framework, or BAMCloud, helped to achieve network speed performance of over eight times more than alternate methods, with a performance… Read More

India to require biometric ID at airport check-in

The Indian government is driving forward with its plans to implement a nation-wide biometric-based ID system at all domestic airports. The new system proposes the use of the Aadhaar – a 12-digit unique identity number issued to all Indian residents based on their biometric and demographic data. The programme has now registered around a billion individuals’… Read More

Judge rules against forced fingerprinting

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled against a government request which would require forced fingerprinting of private citizens in order to open a secure, personal phone or tablet. In the ruling, the judge stated that while fingerprints in and of themselves are not protected, the government’s method of obtaining the fingerprints would violate the Fourth… Read More

On-body transmission and its biometric implications

Earlier this year research shared by the University of Washington revealed a ground-breaking wireless technology that would allow additional security information to be sent through the human body. Derek Northrope, head of Biometrics at Fujitsu Americas, considers what the technology means for biometrics and identity management… In its current form, the University of Washington (UW)… Read More

Why you can’t solve the password problem with more passwords

Oren Kedem, Vice President of Product Management at BioCatch, wonders if we can really solve the password problem with more passwords… The increased frequency of headline-grabbing database breaches over the last several years has brought the very concept of passwords into question, and not without good reason. In March Lorrie Cranor, chief technologist at the… Read More