Latest Big Data publications

What does Big Data have in store for online map services?

New research from a PHD student at London’s University of Greenwich has prompted me to consider some possible futures for online maps services such as Google Maps. Some are ‘bug-fixes’, others qualify as ‘added value’ – and others are potentially rather more dystopian. The paper presents possibilities for changes that online map-providers such as Google,… Read More

IBM develops silicon photonics chip to boost data transfer beyond 100Gb/s

IBM has announced a new photonics technology which will allow silicon chips to use light as an alternative to wired electrical signals to transport data more rapidly over long distances. Scientists have developed and trialled the new fully integrated wavelength multiplexed silicon photonics chip which Big Blue claims will allow the creation of 100Gb/s optical… Read More

Faster Reporting with Hadoop

Nathan Nickels, Head of Marketing and Operations at MetaScale, a big data company of Sears Holdings Corporation, discusses how open source tools and technologies are being leveraged to give business users across the enterprise access to more data faster than ever. If you are in enterprise IT, you have likely been asked by Business (Marketing… Read More

Netflix-derived algorithm tells you when your best employee is about to leave you

A former Netflix data scientist has used the video-streaming company’s movie recommendation algorithm to develop a predictive system to let employers know when they are about to lose their most talented and productive workers. Workday Talent Insights is a new app from Human Resources software creator Workday, and aims to use a variety of criteria… Read More

Data research reveals when taking a yellow cab is cheaper than an Uber

A team of data scientists have come up with a system to identify times when regular yellow taxis are cheaper alternatives to an Uber. Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Nanmur in Belgium have compared a broad dataset of both yellow taxi and Uber fares in New York and have discovered that… Read More