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How the BBC’s connectivity strategy keeps us switched on
The way in which we consume television and radio continues to change, as John Bensalhia discovers in a discussion with the BBC’s Ross Kemp Founded in 1922, and credited as being the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation, the BBC is an institution with nearly a century of notable achievements. But it’s not resting on its... Read More

UK government supports Britflix streaming

In a white paper released Thursday, on the future of the BBC, culture secretary John Whittingdale encouraged the government-supported corporation to develop a UK subscription streaming service. The service, unofficially called ‘Britflix’, could involve a collaboration between the BBC and its main rival ITV, among others. It is still in the early stages, but reportedly… Read More

BBC launches machine-translated synthetic voiceovers

The BBC has announced the launch of a new production tool to provide audio in alternate languages for its news outputs, apparently incorporating existing translation technologies. Built by BBC news labs, the workflow involves uploading the script of a video news item and the subsequent voice-synthesis of the resulting translation. The service is launching initially… Read More